how many neurontin does it take to get high jimmy photoZinzan is basically Jimmy Leach. It’s a one-man company but not a one man service. You’ll find the service, and the clever people he works with here.

buy provigil canada pharmacy Meanwhile, Jimmy himself has worked in digital since the turn of the century, working in content and communications roles, and driving the cultural shifts needed in organisations in order to be able to do that better.
He’s delivered communications, content and delivery strategies, and hung around to deliver them, for heads of state, blue chip corporates, start-ups, NGOs, and individuals, working from nose to nail to hone platforms, content,  social media and engagement to help the client interact with its audience better, and that audience know the client more effectively..

He has worked in editorial digital roles at two newspapers – executive editor at (responsible for the digital side of the two bigger B2B areas – education and public sector), and as editorial director for digital at the The Independent. You’ll note (he hopes) that the digital operation is the sole bit of the Indy left standing. That’s legacy, that is.

Intertwined with that were senior roles in digital governments. First as head of communications for the Prime Minister’s Office in Downing Street, delivering high profile projects and content in what might be called a ‘hostile media environment’ (this was for Tony Blair and Gordon Brown).

He was also head of digital diplomacy at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, spearheading the drive to make the FCO an organisation which led with its digital – engaging and communicating across a huge digital and social space and in 40 different language (having never heard of Tagolog before).

And in amongst all that he’s worked for two communications companies – in consumer PR at Freuds (as digital director) and in reputation management at Portland (as Senior Associate for Digital). He’s seen how the smooth people operate.

If you want to make sense of the chronology of all that, then feel free to connect on LinkedIn.