Improving digital communications and delivery.

Zinzan Digital as a company is just Jimmy. As a service, it’s Jimmy plus a range of appropriate partners and suppliers. He works with people he trusts, who have the skills and integrity to make sure that the answer to your digital issues is as complete as it’s possible to be.

Diagnostic Support

Jimmy has been working in digital – in media, government and commercial worlds – since the last century. He’s seen a lot, so can analyse where your digital communications, delivery or project needs help and support. It could be any number of areas: messaging, content, platform, profile, social media, engagement… Jimmy can provide the audit that will help find the answer.

Zinzan diagnostic support

Solution Building

For lots of agencies the solution is dependency. Finding a way to tie you into their services for as long as possible. For Zinzan – Jimmy and his partners – it’s a question of finding the solution, and the strategy and tactics to deliver that. From then on, it’s about building the skills and capacity in-house to ensure the client can take over – and Jimmy can walk away and do something else.

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Zinzan is based in London, England.

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